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Understanding References

We get a lot of questions about exchange references. At first glance, it seems like references should be easy, doesn’t it? If ours are a little bit complicated it is because a reference requires an agreement between you and your partner. Let’s begin with what our references functionality does and what it doesn’t do.

Our references functionality does:

  • Allow you to decide which of your partner’s listing numbers appear on your listing.
  • Allow you to decide for whom of your partners you are willing to provide a reference.

It does not:

  • Allow you or your partner to place comments about the exchange on your listing.

How To Get References

If you have filled in and “signed” an exchange agreement the system will handle this for you. After you return from your holiday you will see your partner listed in your references section and “Act as Reference” will automatically be marked Yes. If you prefer not to provide a reference for your partner, you will want to change this to No.

Screenshot of the References page

Assuming your partner would like to provide a reference for you, in order to show their listing in your References section, you will need to also check the “Allow as Reference” checkbox.

Important: A reference will only appear on a listing if both parties have agreed. This is the functionality behind Act as Reference and to Allow as Reference.

If the system tells you it is awaiting approval, it is because your partner has not agreed to allow you as a reference. The best thing to do is to contact your partner and ask them to take action on their side.

But, We Didn’t Have an Exchange Agreement

No problem, in case you forgot to finish it or had trouble with the exchange agreement, you don’t have to go without a reference from your partner. You can request it manually via the References page.

How To Request a Reference

  1. In the My Membership section of the navigation click on References.
  2. Enter the member number of the Intervac member with whom you made your exchange.
  3. Click the button “Send request”.

The system will send an email to your exchange partner asking them to confirm. After they click the link in the email the reference will appear on your listing.

Member Questions

 But, what if I don’t want to be a reference for my partner?

No problem, via Act as Reference you can choose, for every exchange for which you have a reference, if you are willing to allow your listing id to be displayed on their references list.

And if I don’t want my partner acting as a reference for me?

If you don’t want the one of your partners listed as an exchange reference, just uncheck the Allow Reference box and their listing id will not be displayed on your references list anymore.

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