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An exchange holiday for your birthday?

Mandy Cavanagh is the newest Ambassador for Intervac. Here is a wonderful exchange story from her. If you have a great story too... tell us yours!   My husband is fortunate enough to have a birthday during the summer months, however, he is one of those ‘difficult’ people who can never think of any gift… Continue reading An exchange holiday for your birthday?

Maria and husband
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Eficacia en Amsterdam

Unas vacaciones fantásticas El último intercambio que tuvimos fue con una familia en Amsterdam. Fueron unas vacaciones fantásticas; hemos disfrutado de la ciudad como lo hacían los holandeses. Dimos hermosos paseos por el centro histórico de la capital, disfrutando de sus canales, de los cambiantes colores de su noche y paseando  sin preocupaciones por las… Continue reading Eficacia en Amsterdam

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Plus qu’un simple échange de maisons….

La “vraie” Italie Décider du lieu de notre échange annuel n’était pas une tâche difficile en choisissant l’Italie comme destination il y a deux ans. Nous voulions visiter la “vraie” Italie dont nous avions tous rêvé de si nombreuses fois. Nous voulions découvrir les paysages luxuriants du pays, les petites villes animées, les marchés remplis… Continue reading Plus qu’un simple échange de maisons….

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82ND – Wintertime in Greece!

As we have just retired, exchanging houses is on top of our bucket list! So we have had the opportunity to exchange houses with a Greek family. Evdokia and Minas from Kavala near Thessaloniki had contacted us just before our New Year's exchange in Leeuwarden, European cultural capital of 2018. We booked our flights and… Continue reading 82ND – Wintertime in Greece!

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Budget holidays in Switzerland

Our family holidays this year made me feel special, lucky (and smart!). In the end, I felt we had achieved something quite against the odds. We were an average Portuguese family who spent 9 days on vacation in Switzerland. Not usually an option. If there’s one thing you learn quickly as a tourist in Switzerland… Continue reading Budget holidays in Switzerland

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Third generation exchangers

Beltman the Founder to Beltman the Grandson We owe a lot to our organisers who have long been a devoted part of Intervac, Roel and Willemien Eissen among them. They have been responsible for excellent membership development in the Netherlands since 1978. Recently Roel, writing about our history, said: You can read on our Faces… Continue reading Third generation exchangers

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First Home Exchange for Second Generation Members

Intervac's national representative in Spain got this wonderful testimony: I’m the second-generation of Intervac members in my family and I see how things have changed. In the past, my parents received a lot of letters from foreign families with brochures from foreign places and, at most, two or three pictures of the house. Now, I… Continue reading First Home Exchange for Second Generation Members

Home exchange stories

The Best Way To Discover The World With Kids

Still having second thoughts about home swapping? This is what our members have to say: Homeexchange is the best way to discover the world with kids. The only problem is that once we start, we can no longer stop… ‘Mom, who are we lending our house to this Summer?’ Sandra Bouguet (FR100852)  This is part… Continue reading The Best Way To Discover The World With Kids

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How about a non-simultaneous exchange?

I started doing home exchanges for my holidays in 2005. I love any kind of home exchange and now that my family has grown and I home exchange with kids… even more so! It is great to feel at home when we’re traveling with our kids. Enjoying our own balcony in our last exchange  … Continue reading How about a non-simultaneous exchange?