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How to Rotate your Photos

Ok, time for a confession: My photos don’t always turn out like I expected. Do yours? Does it make you crazy too when the photo looks fine on your phone or tablet and then you upload it somewhere and it’s sideways or worse, upside-down! I get that.

How to Rotate Photos

At Intervac, you don’t have to worry about that happening to you. Upload your photos and click a link to rotate them if they look wrong.

Click the link to turn the photo right-side up.

Voila! That was easy, wasn’t it? Make sure you refresh your browser to see the picture rotation take effect. On Google Chrome you can use the keyboard combination Shift+F5 to refresh.

Leave me a comment if you have questions! 🙂

Home exchange guide, Your Listing

How to Change your Main Photo

First, what exactly is your “main photo”?

It is the photo on your listing that shows when the page loads and in the search results.

The best main photos display a clear and attractive view of your home or its best feature (a swimming pool, the ocean view from your balcony). Think of your main photo as an invitation to prospective exchange partners.

The sun is shining and you have been outside with your camera and taken great photos of your home. Pick the best one and here is all you need to do:

Upload a New Photo

  1. After logging in, click on the Change My Listing link on your member navigation.
  2. You will land on the “Main Settings” page and that’s right where you want to be.
  3. Scroll to the section titled: Main Photo and click the Upload new main photo button to choose the image you want to upload from your computer.

Using a Photo from Your Listing

  1. After logging in, click on the Change My Listing link on your member navigation.
  2. You will land on the “Main Settings” page. From here, in the left-column navigation click on the page containing the photo you want to use as your new main photo. We’ll use Home photos and texts for our example.
  3. Find the photo that you want to use as your main photo and click the
    Use as main photo link.

Screenshot of a photo card in the _Home texts and photos_ area.

Member Questions

 I see you have a caption on your main photo. How can I add one too?

Clicking the Edit Caption link will open this little dialog. Just type in the text you want for your caption but keep it under 128 characters. That’s the limit.

Home exchange guide, Your Listing

The Nearest Airport to your Exchange Home

Which is the airport nearest to your home?
And so you wonder … “How far is the airport from our exchange home?” because it makes a difference when you book your plane tickets. Arrive late, arrive early…?

Add Nearest Airport to Your Listing

  1. Login to your member dashboard and click on Change My Listing (Opens in a new tab.)
  2. From the Main Settings page, click on Neighbourhood Photos and Texts.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled: Nearest Airport
  4. Click the Edit button

Don’t forget to tell your visitors the unit of distance (miles, kilometer) to the airport.

Find Nearest Airport on a Listing

To find the nearest airport on a potential exchange partner’s listing, click on the “Neighbourhood” tab just above the map. If that area is blank, the member has not put airport information in their listing yet.

Home exchange guide, Your Listing

Adding Icons to your Neighbourhood Map

  1. Login to your intervac account
  2. Look in the left-column navigation on the member home page and click on
    Change my listing
  3. Then, click on Neighbourhood photos and texts
  4. Scroll down to the About My Neighbourhood section bottom of the page.
  5. Click the gray Edit button

Directly beneath the map, you see the markers available.

 Golf course


 Forest / Woods


 Boating / Sailing





You can also hover your mouse pointer over each marker to find the one you want to add to your map. Once you’ve found it here are the next steps:

  1. Click (but don’t drag) the icon you want to add to your map. Wait for just a second and it will appear in the center of your map.
  2. Now drag it to the correct position.
  3. In the box below the icons, give your icon a name so that visitors to your listing will know what it is you are showing them.
  4. Click the Save changes button.

You can add multiple icons before saving your changes, but right now, you can only use each icon once. When you have added it to your map, it is grayed out in the icon bar.

To Remove an Icon From Your Map

  1. Click the edit button like you did to add the icons
  2. Click the garbage bin next to the distance of the icon you want to remove.
  3. Save your changes.
Home exchange guide, Your Listing

Understanding References

We get a lot of questions about exchange references. At first glance, it seems like references should be easy, doesn’t it? If ours are a little bit complicated it is because a reference requires an agreement between you and your partner. Let’s begin with what our references functionality does and what it doesn’t do.

Our references functionality does:

  • Allow you to decide which of your partner’s listing numbers appear on your listing.
  • Allow you to decide for whom of your partners you are willing to provide a reference.

It does not:

  • Allow you or your partner to place comments about the exchange on your listing.

How To Get References

If you have filled in and “signed” an exchange agreement the system will handle this for you. After you return from your holiday you will see your partner listed in your references section and “Act as Reference” will automatically be marked Yes. If you prefer not to provide a reference for your partner, you will want to change this to No.

Screenshot of the References page

Assuming your partner would like to provide a reference for you, in order to show their listing in your References section, you will need to also check the “Allow as Reference” checkbox.

Important: A reference will only appear on a listing if both parties have agreed. This is the functionality behind Act as Reference and to Allow as Reference.

If the system tells you it is awaiting approval, it is because your partner has not agreed to allow you as a reference. The best thing to do is to contact your partner and ask them to take action on their side.

But, We Didn’t Have an Exchange Agreement

No problem, in case you forgot to finish it or had trouble with the exchange agreement, you don’t have to go without a reference from your partner. You can request it manually via the References page.

How To Request a Reference

  1. In the My Membership section of the navigation click on References.
  2. Enter the member number of the Intervac member with whom you made your exchange.
  3. Click the button “Send request”.

The system will send an email to your exchange partner asking them to confirm. After they click the link in the email the reference will appear on your listing.

Member Questions

 But, what if I don’t want to be a reference for my partner?

No problem, via Act as Reference you can choose, for every exchange for which you have a reference, if you are willing to allow your listing id to be displayed on their references list.

And if I don’t want my partner acting as a reference for me?

If you don’t want the one of your partners listed as an exchange reference, just uncheck the Allow Reference box and their listing id will not be displayed on your references list anymore.

Home exchange guide, Your Listing

Formatting Text in your Listing

This page will show you how to add bold or italic text to your listing, how to add lists and how to format text with a link. Let’s start with the easiest of all: bold and italic text.

Formatting Italic Text

To make text italic you should put either a single “*” (star) or a single “_” (underscore) character before and after the text you want to italicise. For it to work, there must be no spaces between the star or underscore and your text. The same thing goes for bold text.

Typing this:

*This text is italic*

Or this:

_This text is italic_

Displays italic text: This text is italic

Formatting Bold Text

To make text bold, you should put either “**” (two stars) or “__” (two underscore) on either side of the text you want to bold. Again, no spaces between your stars/underlines and your text.

Typing this:

**This text is bold**

or this:

__This text is bold__

Displays bolded text on your listing: This text is bold

Formatting Lists

To tell the Intervac system that you would like a list in your text you need to format it like this:

  1. Put one list item on each line.
  2. Begin each line with 2 empty spaces
  3. Place a “* “ (star space) before your text

So, typing this:

* Here is the first item in my list.
* Here is the second one.
* And I have this third item too.

Displays like this in your listing:

  • Here is the first item in my list.
  • Here is the second one.
  • And I have this third item too.

You probably already know that the simplest way to add a link to your listing is to simply put the whole URL into your text. The system will automatically format a link and display the address for you.

Typing this:


Shows on your listing like this: www.intervac-homeexchange.com

But what if you want to link some text in your listing? It’s not complicated, you must format your text like this:

  1. Place the text you want for your link inside “[ ]” (square brackets)
  2. Directly next to the square brackets place the link address inside of “( )” (parenthesis)

Type it like this:

You will love [home exchange with Intervac](http://www.intervac-homeexchange.com).

On your listing, it looks like this: You will love home exchange with Intervac.

I hope you found this helpful and with the information you are able to make your listing more attractive than ever. Please, leave a comment if you are having trouble or if you have further questions about formatting text.