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Check your listing pictures

Have you noticed your listing pictures are now shown bigger? The increase in size makes your house listing look nicer, but you have to have photos to match! Quality photos Because of this change in the size your pictures are presented, we would like you to check your pictures and see if their quality is… Continue reading Check your listing pictures

Home exchange guide, Your Listing

How do I change the information on my family?

You Intervac listing has the information on both your house and your family. Here is how you can change the information on your family so that everything is up-to-date. Login to your Intervac account. In the member navigation, scroll down to the section Change my listing Click on Family photos and texts and scroll down to Adults and Occupations or Children.

Home exchange guide, Your Listing

All about your listing’s photos

Pictures are a very important part of your Intervac listing. They show what your home and neighborhood is like and they present your family to our Intervac community. There are 4 categories of photos in your listing: Home Neighbourhood Family Lifestyle All of these pictures show in your picture slideshow, following precisely that order: Home, Neighbourhood,… Continue reading All about your listing’s photos

Home exchange guide, Your Listing

How to delete your photos

You know your listing looks much better with photos and the odds of getting that exchange you are looking for greatly increase. But maybe you want to delete some of your photos to upload new ones, more up-to-date. Note: If you are considering deleting your photos because they are upside down or rotate, you don't… Continue reading How to delete your photos

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Past Members – more exchange opportunities

When browsing the listings of Intervac members, you might have come across some that mention being Past Members. These members no longer have a current membership with Intervac. You can tell it is a Past Member because it shows a yellow "traffic light" saying Past member.   What are the limitations for Past members? An active member can… Continue reading Past Members – more exchange opportunities

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How to Become a Platinum Member

Reaching the Platinum level at Intervac is, well, let’s be honest, mostly a lot of fun! Our platinum members have made at least 11 exchanges but we have some who are reaching for 100! Exchanges must be registered via our exchange agreement in order to update automatically. What Do Those Badges Mean?  Platinum members have… Continue reading How to Become a Platinum Member

Home exchange guide, Your Listing

Your Home Exchange Dates

Your exchange dates are an important element of your listing. They help our search engine to match you with potential exchange partners so you’ll want to be sure to keep them current with all of the dates you when you want to exchange. To accommodate members who offer their holiday homes as well as their… Continue reading Your Home Exchange Dates