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INTERVAC protects your valuable information

We care deeply about privacy and data protection and welcomed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on May 25, 2018. To comply with this regulation, all personal information of members who have no current subscription and have not logged in 2018 needs to be deleted. Also, newsletters will be sent only… Continue reading INTERVAC protects your valuable information


Become the next Intervac Ambassador

We are always looking for experienced members interested in helping us spread the word about Intervac and home exchange. Can I become an Intervac Ambassador? If you are an experienced Intervac member and would like to help us spread the word about Intervac and home exchange, we invite you to become an ambassador. Are there… Continue reading Become the next Intervac Ambassador

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How to upgrade your Intervac membership

If you are a trial member and want to upgrade to a full membership, here are step-by-step instructions. 1 - Log in at 2 - Follow the Upgrade membership link right at the top of your dashboard/member home 3 - Select the duration of your membership. Please note that a full membership always starts at the… Continue reading How to upgrade your Intervac membership

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Happy 2018 Find your exchanges now!

Welcome to the new year! Where will you travel this year? Did you make an exchange agreement yet? This is the perfect time to sit down and start planning. We offer you tips in this newsletter Find your destination now Remember our Christmas gift? 20% discount for your friends and relatives with the promo code NEW2018.… Continue reading Happy 2018 Find your exchanges now!

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Disneyland Paris

As parents of two little princesses, we had been dreaming of going to Disneyland for some time. As we live in Europe, Disneyland Paris, formerly known as Eurodisney, was our choice. The problem was the budget for it: Disney tickets alone are not cheap, looking for a Disneyland hotel or even a Paris hotel booking… Continue reading Disneyland Paris

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Budget holidays in Switzerland

Our family holidays this year made me feel special, lucky (and smart!). In the end, I felt we had achieved something quite against the odds. We were an average Portuguese family who spent 9 days on vacation in Switzerland. Not usually an option. If there’s one thing you learn quickly as a tourist in Switzerland… Continue reading Budget holidays in Switzerland

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Third generation exchangers

Beltman the Founder to Beltman the Grandson We owe a lot to our organisers who have long been a devoted part of Intervac, Roel and Willemien Eissen among them. They have been responsible for excellent membership development in the Netherlands since 1978. Recently Roel, writing about our history, said: You can read on our Faces… Continue reading Third generation exchangers