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Check your listing pictures

Have you noticed your listing pictures are now shown bigger? The increase in size makes your house listing look nicer, but you have to have photos to match! Quality photos Because of this change in the size your pictures are presented, we would like you to check your pictures and see if their quality is… Continue reading Check your listing pictures

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An exchange holiday for your birthday?

Mandy Cavanagh is the newest Ambassador for Intervac. Here is a wonderful exchange story from her. If you have a great story too... tell us yours!   My husband is fortunate enough to have a birthday during the summer months, however, he is one of those ‘difficult’ people who can never think of any gift… Continue reading An exchange holiday for your birthday?

Maria and husband
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Eficacia en Amsterdam

Unas vacaciones fantásticas El último intercambio que tuvimos fue con una familia en Amsterdam. Fueron unas vacaciones fantásticas; hemos disfrutado de la ciudad como lo hacían los holandeses. Dimos hermosos paseos por el centro histórico de la capital, disfrutando de sus canales, de los cambiantes colores de su noche y paseando  sin preocupaciones por las… Continue reading Eficacia en Amsterdam

Maria and husband
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Efficiency in Amsterdam

Fantastic holiday The last exchange we have had with a family in Amsterdam. It was a fantastic holiday, where we have enjoyed the city. We did as the Dutch do: Beautiful walks through the history centre, enjoying the canals, mingle at the multicolors of the night, walking lightheadedly through the big and small streets of… Continue reading Efficiency in Amsterdam

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Starting An Exchange Agreement

You’ve searched and contacted and chatted online with lots of nice people and now you have found exactly the right partner for this year’s exchange. You are ready to start the exchange agreement? This article is for you. Starting the Exchange Agreement Before you get started, have a look at your member home page and… Continue reading Starting An Exchange Agreement

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Filling out your Exchange Agreement Form

Ok, first off, I’m going to go through the whole agreement form in this post. It is a bit long, but I hope this helps you with your next exchange agreeement. Contact Details Having chosen your partner and clicked the Start Exchange Agreement button our system made one of these forms for you and one… Continue reading Filling out your Exchange Agreement Form

Arranging an exchange, Home exchange guide

Sending & Reviewing Terms

You’ve filled out your form and you are all ready to send your terms to your partner for review. Sending Your Terms To Your Partner You can do this from the Member Home navigation. Scroll down to My Memberships > Exchange Agreements > Then click the View link near the agreement you want to send. Clicking the blue “Send to partner”… Continue reading Sending & Reviewing Terms

Arranging an exchange, Home exchange guide

Finalizing Your Exchange Agreement

Once you and your partner have reviewed each other’s terms and accepted the conditions your agreement is ready to finalize. You can tell that it’s time when the green “Review and Sign Agreement” button shows up. Remember, if you want to edit your own terms, you must first click the red Unlock Agreement button in the upper… Continue reading Finalizing Your Exchange Agreement

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82ND – Wintertime in Greece!

As we have just retired, exchanging houses is on top of our bucket list! So we have had the opportunity to exchange houses with a Greek family. Evdokia and Minas from Kavala near Thessaloniki had contacted us just before our New Year's exchange in Leeuwarden, European cultural capital of 2018. We booked our flights and… Continue reading 82ND – Wintertime in Greece!

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Past Members – more exchange opportunities

When browsing the listings of Intervac members, you might have come across some that mention being Past Members. These members no longer have a current membership with Intervac. You can tell it is a Past Member because it shows a yellow "traffic light" saying Past member.   What are the limitations for Past members? An active member can… Continue reading Past Members – more exchange opportunities