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Saving Search Criteria

The Save Search dialog is found at the bottom of the search filters on the search page. You must be logged-in to use this option.

Saved Search does not save the results of the search you run today, it just saves the criteria. This way, you know that every time you re-use a saved search you will be looking at the freshest results our database has to offer.


Save search dialog

To Save a Search

  1. Set up your search, namely indicating the destination and filters
  2. Go to My Saved Searches
  3. Give your search a name
  4. Click “Save Search”

Use a Saved Search

  1. Go to My Saved Searches
  2. The searches you saved previously are links. Click the one you want to use.

To Delete a Saved Search

  1. Go to My Saved Searches
  2. Click the garbage can icon next to the search you want to delete.

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