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When browsing the listings of Intervac members, you might have come across some that mention being Past Members. These members no longer have a current membership with Intervac.

You can tell it is a Past Member because it shows a yellow “traffic light” saying Past member.


What are the limitations for Past members?

An active member can contact a past member. The idea is to provide an extra exchanging opportunity for both parties.

However, Past members cannot start new conversations and their ability to reply is limited. They can only answer back with a standard Yes / Maybe / No response.

When receiving an exchange request from another member, the Past member has several options. He can renew his membership and proceed to an exchange agreement.

He can also choose to stop receiving these offers from other members.

How can I stop seeing Past members?

If you want to exclude Past members from your search, you simply have to activate the proper filter. Open the Preferences section of your filters and click on the checkbox Open for Exchange.


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