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Vibrations d’été avec Intervac

Avec l’été vient l’heure de la pause !  

C’est le moment de profiter de la plage, du beau temps et c’est aussi une excellente occasion de revoir vos amis et votre famille.

De nombreux adhérents ont déjà commencé à organiser leur échange pour l’été.

Commencez à planifier votre prochaine aventure estivale !

Intervac Home Exchange

est le meilleur moyen de voyager !

L’échange de maison reste le moyen le plus sûr et le moins cher de voyager, et vous avez la chance d’être accueilli comme un membre de la famille.

Vous pouvez toujours compter sur votre partenaire d’échange pour la moindre petite chose !


Une maison avec une jolie piscine

Une maison près des plages en Espagne

Trouver plus d’offres

Commencez à planifier votre échange de l’été 2021!


L’ambassadeur Intervac en Islande partage son histoire !

Un voyageur parmi les gens du pays.

Si beaucoup sont impatients de réserver une chambre d’hôtel, de s’enregistrer, de défaire leurs bagages, etc. c’est parce que tout cela signifie pour eux qu’ils voyagent à nouveau. 

Oui, cela fait longtemps que nous n’avons pas voyagé, mais nous voyons la lumière au fond du tunnel.

Cependant, nous n’avons nullement besoin d’aller à l’hôtel, car utiliser Intervac pour échanger sa maison est une façon bien plus intéressante de voyager. Lire la suite ici >>

G. Pétur Matthíasson, Ambassadeur Intervac en Islande

Trouver des échanges en Islande ici >>

Le cycle de vie (typique) d’une famille Intervac

Presque trentenaires, nous venions de nous installer dans notre première maison avec nos deux bébés, mais nous voulions toujours partir en vacances à l’étranger.

Alors, en 1990… Lire plus ici >>

Nous sommes là pour vous aider !

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La maison est votre monde, le monde est votre maisons

Echangez votre maison avec Intervac.

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¡El verano significa tomarse un descanso!

Poder disfrutar de la playa, el clima agradable y soleado. También es una excelente oportunidad para volver a ver a viejos amigos y familiares.

Muchos miembros ya han comenzado a planificar su intercambio para el verano.

¡Empiece a organizar su propia aventura de verano!

Intervac Home Exchange

es la mejor forma de viajar!

El intercambio de casas sigue siendo la forma más segura y económica de viajar, además de que tiene la oportunidad de ser alojado como un miembro más de la familia.

Siempre puede contar con tu socio de intercambio para ayudarle con cualquier cosa!

Porqué no?

Casa con piscina

Casa cerca del mar, España 

Encuentre más casas 

¡Empiece a planificar sus vacaciones de verano 2021!


¡El embajador de Islandia comparte su historia!

Un viajero entre los lugareños

Muchos están ansiosos por visitar un hotel, registrarse y desempacar y todo eso, porque significa que están viajando de nuevo. Ha pasado mucho tiempo sin viajar, pero vemos la luz al final del túnel. Sin embargo, no es necesario que nos quedemos en un hotel, usar Intervac para intercambiar casas es una forma mucho más interesante de viajar. Lee más aquí >>

G. Pétur Matthíasson, Iceland ambassador of Intervac

Encontrar casa en Islandia aquí >>

El ciclo de vida (típico) de una familia Intervac

Teníamos veintitantos años y acabábamos de instalarnos en nuestra primera casa con dos bebés, pero aún queríamos irnos de vacaciones al extranjero.

Así que, en 1990… Leer más aquí >>

¡Estamos aquí para ayudarle!

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El hogar es tu mundo, el mundo es tu hogar

Intercambia tu casa con Intervac.

Home exchange stories, Intervac

The (typical) life cycle of an Intervac family

We were in the late twenties and had just settled in our first house with two babies, but still wanted to go on holidays abroad. From friends to my parents (they were all teachers) we had heard several (great) stories from their experiences with homeexchange through Intervac. So we decided to try that out as well.
That was in 1990, a time without (public) Internet and nothing called emails. A time where the
member profiles was distributed in catalogues only and where the initial contact to a possible
exchange partner was made over the phone with immediate response or even by traditional post
mail. Amazing how this has changed in our present digitalized world.
The first exchange was with a swiss family and from there many exchanges in Europe and the US
followed. The two babies became three and a red line in all our exchange was to look for families also
having children, and preferable around the same age as ours.

Austria, 2003

That provided three big advantages:

1-Toys and other baby/children equipment were already on site, both for us and for our
exchange partner and

2-Very likely there would be local play mates close by already informed that there would come
new play mates to the house and

3-The mindset and attitude of the exchange family would for certain be open for bringing
children into their homes

The list of great exchanges is long and now 20-30 years later the kids still have great memories of a
lot of specific experiences and so do we as parents.

Pontresina, 2003

Then kids grew bigger and older and suddenly they get into other ideas than making holidays with
their parents and often at other times, making it a bit difficult to let strangers into your home while
teenagers are still at home. So for us at least it lead to a break in our exchange continuity and then
when suddenly the kids left home both time and financial capability gave the opportunity for other
types of holiday again leaving home exchange a little in the background.
Now the children have settled themselves with house and kids and I imagine that they soon will aim
for their first exchange and as I am slowly approaching my senior life with plenty of more time to
travel I am sure I will soon return as active Intervaccer again enjoying the many possibilities of
Not as part of my above view on the typical life cycle of an Intervaccer, but as a great part of my
personal life with Intervac I have been involved in the organizational work since 2002. My
enthusiasm for Intervac during the 90’ties brought me in close contact with the Danish organizer at
that time, Lone & Jens Lauritzen that together with a number of other people really was among the
pioneers of developing Intervac. When they wanted to step back I was giving the opportunity to take
over from them and continue their work to promote the homeexchange idea, develop the concept
and take care of the members question and issues. I look forward doing this for many more years.

New York, 2005

Michael Stoevelbaek, DK

Home exchange stories, Intervac

A traveller amongst locals

G. Pétur Matthíasson, Iceland ambassador of Intervac

Coffee time in Berlin

Many can’t wait to visit a hotel, check in and unpack and all that, because it means they are travelling again. It has been a long time now without travel, but we do see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, we don’t need to stay at a hotel, using Intervac to exchange houses is a much more interesting way of travelling.

Our house in Bordeaux

The main thing is that we stay in areas where the locals live, we go to the supermarket, we visit the bakery just as if we were at home. We might have to prepare our own breakfast but then again, we probably make a much better breakfast than the hotel cafeteria.

Watering plants in Paris

The traveller staying at someone’s house will see a different aspect of the area he is visiting; he we will get the feel for how it is to live in that place. He gets a bigger and greater experience than if he is just following all the other tourists in the hotel areas of towns and cities.

Canard for dinner in Bordeaux

If thinking about the cost as well it does mean that one can stay so much longer in an expensive city like Paris, to mention one, if staying with someone via Intervac. That means you can stay relaxed and enjoy so many more things and learn to know something about people’s daily lives.

Having lunch in Paris

I have exchanged houses in Denmark, Paris, Berlin, Bordeaux and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and all them have been enjoyable and exciting. I have become friends with the people I exchanged houses with, and they have visited me again and I them. Everything went smooth and everybody has been very helpful is assisting me to get settled and show me around.

Writing a travel journal in Paris

The luxury of being picked up at the airport or driven back is just one of the perks of Intervac, when it is possible and as priceless as it is making new friends.

The home of the tango in Buenos Aires
Street performance in Berlin

I have learned how it is to be a Parisian and at the same time seen all the beautiful tourist landmarks. My experience has been so much fuller this way and I can’t wait to organise the next one. The question is – where to go next?

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Abril 2021

¿Ha pensado alguna vez en invitar a sus amigos a unirse a Intervac?

¡Ayude a desarrollar una comunidad de viajeros de confianza e invítelos a experimentar la forma más original, responsable, ecológica y asequible de viajar!

El hogar es su mundo, el mundo es su hogar.

Comparte tu mundo con Intervac Home Exchange

Seguridad, satisfacción y fidelidad

Si ha sido miembro de la familia Intervac durante mucho tiempo o incluso poco tiempo, ya se habrá dado cuenta de las grandes amistades que los miembros establecen entre sí. Más que amistad, una relación de seguridad y confianza.

¡Intervac garantiza un ambiente familiar, mucha satisfacción y un alto nivel de fidelidad!

Historias de intercambios realizados

¡Nuestros miembros nos cuentan sobre su último intercambio de casa!

Disfrutando de la ciudad y los museos de Ámsterdam. Un maravilloso fin de semana largo con amigos.
¡Emanuela Zara nos lo cuenta todo!
Leer historia Aquí.
Paolo Vallarano nos habla de sus últimas vacaciones de verano en 2020 durante covid-19. Leer historia Aquí.
Maria, agente de Intervac en Grecia, cuenta sus últimas experiencias de intercambio de casas. Leer historia Aquí.

¡Mantenerse en contacto!

Es cierto que el covid-19 cambió los planes para todos nosotros, ¡pero hay muchas formas de mantenerse en contacto incluso a distancia! ¿Por qué no enviar un correo electrónico, dejar un mensaje en las redes sociales o incluso hacer una llamada con miembros con los que ya ha intercambiado contactos? ¿O incluso con alguien a quien ya has planeado cambiar de casa? Esta es una forma de mantenerse en contacto y averiguar cómo está la situación en el lugar que desea visitar. Además, ¡es posible que descubra muchas más cosas interesantes sobre ese lugar!

Intervac Home Exchange

Preparándose para viajar

Campaña de vacunación

Para poner fin a esta pandemia, una gran parte del mundo debe inmunizarse. La forma más segura de lograrlo es con una vacuna.

¿Cómo está yendo la vacunación en todo el mundo?

COVID-19 estadísticas de vacunación

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El hogar es su mundo, el mundo es su hogar

Intercambia tu casa con Intervac.

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Avril 2021

Avez-vous déjà pensé à inviter vos amis à rejoindre Intervac ?

Faites-les entrer dans notre communauté de voyageurs de confiance et invitez-les à vivre des expériences des plus originales, responsables, écologiques et abordables de voyager !

La maison est votre monde, le monde est votre maison.

Partagez votre monde avec

Intervac Home Exchange

Sécurité, satisfaction et fidélité

Si vous êtes membre de la famille Intervac depuis longtemps ou même depuis peu, vous avez déjà constaté les grandes relations amicales que les membres établissent entre eux. Plus que de l’amitié, une relation de sécurité et de confiance. Intervac garantit une ambiance familiale, beaucoup de reconnaissance et un haut niveau de loyauté!


Nos membres nous parlent de leur dernier échange de maison!

Profiter de la ville et des musées d’Amsterdam. Un merveilleux long week-end avec des amis. 
Emanuela Zara témoigne !
Lire l’histoire ici.

Paolo Vallarano nous parle de son dernier échange de l’été 2020 durant la covid-19. Lire l’histoire ici.
Maria – Représentante Intervac Grèce – nous raconte ses récentes expériences d’échanges de maison. Lire l’histoire ici.


Il est vrai que la covid-19 a changé les plans de chacun d’entre nous, mais il existe plusieurs façons de rester en contact même à distance ! Pourquoi ne pas envoyer un e-mail, poster un message sur les réseaux sociaux ou même passer un appel aux membres avec lesquels vous avez déjà communiqué ?

Ou même téléphoner à ceux avec qui vous avez déjà envisagé de faire un échange de maison ? Autant de façons de garder le contact et savoir comment se présente la situation dans le lieu que vous voulez visiter. En outre, il est possible que vous découvriez de nombreuses autres choses intéressantes sur cet endroit !

Intervac Home Exchange

Se préparer à voyager

Campagne de vaccination

Pour mettre fin à cette pandémie, il faut qu’une grande partie de la population mondiale soit immunisée contre le virus. Le moyen le plus sûr d’y parvenir est d’utiliser un vaccin. 

Comment se passe la vaccination dans le monde?

Statistiques sur la vaccination COVID-19

Écrivez-nous par e-mail:

La maison est votre monde, le monde est votre maisons

Echangez votre maison avec Intervac.

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April 2021

Haben Sie schon einmal darüber nachgedacht, Ihre Freunde vom INTERVAC-Haustausch zu begeistern? Sie unterstützen damit eine vertrauensvolle “Reisegemeinschaft”  aufzubauen und eine sichere, verantwortungsbewusste, umweltfreundliche und erschwingliche Art des Reisens “schmackhaft” zu machen!

Dein Zuhause ist Deine Welt und die Welt ist Dein Zuhause.

Teilen Sie die Welt mit

Intervac Home Exchange

Sicherheit, Zufriedenheit und Treue

Als INTERVAC-Mitglied….bereits schon seit Jahren oder auch neu….haben Sie freundschaftliche Beziehungen mit Ihren Tauschpartnern…ein Verhältnis von Sicherheit und Vertrauen! INTERVAC garantiert eine familiäre Atmosphäre, Zufriedenheit und ein hohes Maß an Loyalität!

Haustausch  Geschichten

Unsere Mitglieder erzählen über  Ihre letzten Haustausch-Erfahrungen

Haben die Stadt Amsterdam und die Museen genossen und ein tolles langes Wochenende mit Freunden verbracht!
Lesen Sie mehr hier.
Paolo Vallarano erzählt hier über seinen letzten Sommerurlaub 2020 – während covid-19 – lesen Sie hier
Maria – INTERVAC-Organisatorin Griechenland – berichtet über ihre Tauscherfahrungen

Bleiben Sie in Kontakt!

Sicher ist…..Covid 19 hat alle unsere Pläne geändert…..aber es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, auch aus der Ferne in Kontakt zu bleiben? Warum nicht per mail oder in den sozialen Netzwerken eine Nachricht hinterlassen oder einfach per phone kontakten! 

Sie erfahren dadurch viele interessante Dinge…

Intervac Home Exchange

Immer bereit zu reisen


Es ist eine große Aufgabe für uns Alle, diese Pandemie in den Griff zu bekommen . mehr Info’s 

COVID-19 vaccination statistics

Write us an e-mail:

Zuhause ist Deine Welt – die Welt ist Dein Zuhause

Tauschen Sie Ihr Zuhause mit INTERVAC


Enjoying Amsterdam Museums!

Emanuela Zara, Intervac’s Agent – Italy


We had a wonderful long weekend in Amsterdam (October 2019) with my friend and our kids, we enjoyed the city and the best wonderful museums there.

Amsterdam’s Museum
Inside the museum.
Observing the paitings.

Wendie and Philip have a wonderful historic house in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the red light quarter, strategic place for visiting everything . They are a wonderful family, we felt like at home!

Feeling at home in Amsterdam
Exchange in Amsterdam

Me and my friends Marina decided to have a break and we took a flight to Amsterdam where we have had a wonderful time with our kids, we have visited a lot of Museums and we did also a lot of shopping! 🙂

Cooking in Amsterdam

Intervac Home Exchange, try to believe!

Enjoying the city!


Intervac’s agent in Greece

Maria’s story


Iceland by itself is a unique and very interesting place to visit.

We had dreamt of this trip for many years and when we had an offer for exchange we couldn’t believe it, as hotels in Iceland are very expensive.

We went there with our son where we were offered a very nice house together with a very nice car, so that we could move easily.  So, apart from exchanging houses, we also exchanged cars.

When we were in Iceland we also came in contact with Sessy and Kjartan, Intervac Representatives for Iceland, who called us in their house, offered us tea and pancakes and we went together to the swimming pool, which is a way of life in Iceland.

Apart from this, we visited many interesting places and also very nice waterfalls.

Iceland is not a very common place to visit, so we consider ourselves lucky that we have been there.

Picture from Iceland exchange
Friends from Iceland

Intervac is not just about exchanging houses, but also meeting other people and making new friends.

The Netherlands

In our exchange with the Netherlands we made our best friends in the family of Intervac.

It was a non-simultaneous exchange, so we stayed in the same house with the hosts, Annemike and Leon, who were very friendly, but together very discreet, without being annoying at all.

The house was in the city of Amsterdam, so we had the time to do much biking and getting to know the city very well.  Apart from this, the hosts showed us many interesting places and every day they cooked for us, except for one day that we cooked  for  them Greek dinner.

After two years they visited us in Greece, where we also did our best to make them feel comfortable and from that time we are in close contact.

In Intervac you can make good friends.

Picture from The Netherlands.
Cooking in The Netherlands.


In our exchange with Scotland the house was in Edinburgh, which Is a very nice city with castles that brings you back to old times.

On our arrival the hosts were there for one day and they offered to pick us up from the airport.  They were very friendly and very hospitable.  They gave us a very nice dinner and the next day they left.  The house was luxurious, with many expensive things inside but the owners didn’t seem to worry at all that they would leave two people that they didn’t know in their house.

The whole attitude of the hosts showed us that in Intervac we all trust each other and we know that Intervac members are trustworthy.

Friends from Scotland


In Finland we had three exchanges at the same time.  

Our trip lasted two weeks and we thought that it would be a nice idea to visit different places of the same country. 

We stayed ten days in a marvelous house in a place called Pori.  At the same time the people from Finland were in our house in Greece. They had left their car for us in the airport and we had it all the days that we were there.

The house was completely in the nature.  It was spacious, very bright and we had time to relax and forget about everything.  It was a place that made you feel very calm.

We spent hours walking or running in the forest, biking with the hosts’ bikes and, the best of all, rowing with the hosts’ boat, since the house was just in front of a lake.

We also wanted to visit the famous Rovaniemi with the Santa Claus Village, so we asked two other Intervac members if we could stay in their house –two days in each one.  The one house was in Oulou, which was on our way to Rovaniemi and the other one was in Rovaniemi.  Both hosts of these two houses were excellent and they treated us as if we had known each other for a long time.

It was one of our best trips.

Exchange in Finland
House we exchanged in Finland



We had a marvelous exchange in Canada.

In this trip we visited four different houses.  The main one was in Montreal, where we were offered two houses.  The one was a spacious flat with a fascinating view, overlooking the whole city.  The second one, by the same owners, was their cottage in the country, just in front of which there was a lake where you could swim and make sea-bike.  It was in a very calm place.

Apart from Montreal we also wanted to visit Toronto and Niagara Falls, so we also stayed in a very nice apartment in Toronto.  At this time Suzanne, Intervac Representative in Canada, asked as to stay in her house where she and her husband, Richard, hosted us in the best way, showed us all the places of interest in Toronto and, the best of all, they took us with them on their boat for a sailing trip which was something that we had never done in our life.

It was a unique experience.



Our visit in Austria was in a small village very near Vien called Andra Wordern.

The house was recently renovated and there was also a sauna in it, something that when our son saw made him feel very enthusiastic.  Apart from this, the owners had left their cat there, which was outside the house and just came inside when it wanted to eat.  Our son liked to play with the cat and give it food.

We also visited some friends of ours in Germany, but our son looked forward to go back and play with the cat.  He was very sorry when we had to leave.


Paolo Vallarano’s home exchange story

Summer 2020 during COVID-19

We have exchanged for several years with our children and even my wife’s mom at times. Then we stopped, and this was the first trade in at least 6 or 7 years. My wife and I alone, joined by a friend for a few days.

It was very pleasant. The center of Nice, where the house we exchanged with is located, is delightful.

The house was small and comfortable, functionally furnished and aesthetically pleasing.

It is always exciting to enter a little bit into people’s lives, through books, furniture, personal items, food, which in some way represent them and make the stay richer in stimuli and less anonymous than a hotel or a place in any case intended. only to host others. This is an element that has always made all exchanges special.

The possibility of exploring the city and its surroundings both physically and gastronomically was very interesting. Even a trivial activity such as shopping becomes an opportunity for discovery. The Côte d’Azur is very beautiful, and also the interior, which alternates tourist and non-tourist places.

A way of traveling that is truly emotional and economically lighter than others, I recommend it to all those who do not feel uncomfortable with the idea of ​​someone sleeping in their bed or eating on their plate ..