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Formatting Text in your Listing

This page will show you how to add bold or italic text to your listing, how to add lists and how to format text with a link. Let’s start with the easiest of all: bold and italic text.

Formatting Italic Text

To make text italic you should put either a single “*” (star) or a single “_” (underscore) character before and after the text you want to italicise. For it to work, there must be no spaces between the star or underscore and your text. The same thing goes for bold text.

Typing this:

*This text is italic*

Or this:

_This text is italic_

Displays italic text: This text is italic

Formatting Bold Text

To make text bold, you should put either “**” (two stars) or “__” (two underscore) on either side of the text you want to bold. Again, no spaces between your stars/underlines and your text.

Typing this:

**This text is bold**

or this:

__This text is bold__

Displays bolded text on your listing: This text is bold

Formatting Lists

To tell the Intervac system that you would like a list in your text you need to format it like this:

  1. Put one list item on each line.
  2. Begin each line with 2 empty spaces
  3. Place a “* “ (star space) before your text

So, typing this:

* Here is the first item in my list.
* Here is the second one.
* And I have this third item too.

Displays like this in your listing:

  • Here is the first item in my list.
  • Here is the second one.
  • And I have this third item too.

You probably already know that the simplest way to add a link to your listing is to simply put the whole URL into your text. The system will automatically format a link and display the address for you.

Typing this:


Shows on your listing like this: www.intervac-homeexchange.com

But what if you want to link some text in your listing? It’s not complicated, you must format your text like this:

  1. Place the text you want for your link inside “[ ]” (square brackets)
  2. Directly next to the square brackets place the link address inside of “( )” (parenthesis)

Type it like this:

You will love [home exchange with Intervac](http://www.intervac-homeexchange.com).

On your listing, it looks like this: You will love home exchange with Intervac.

I hope you found this helpful and with the information you are able to make your listing more attractive than ever. Please, leave a comment if you are having trouble or if you have further questions about formatting text.

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