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Live chat support

On January 17, 2018, we launched a new support system. This Live chat option was added to provide a better service for all our members and those who simply have questions about home exchange.

When no support agent is available, the system switches to offline mode. This means you can leave messages using a form and contact us even after office hours. We will do our best to reply promptly.

You can also reach to our support team by writing an e-mail to support@intervac.com. And you can, of course, also contact your National Representative like you always did!

Home exchange guide, Your membership

How to upgrade your Intervac membership

If you are a trial member and want to upgrade to a full membership, here are step-by-step instructions.

1 – Log in at https://www.intervac-homeexchange.com/service/login

2 – Follow the Upgrade membership link right at the top of your dashboard/member home

3 – Select the duration of your membership. Please note that a full membership always starts at the end of your free membership period. To select the duration of your choice, press one of the blue Select buttons.

4 – Once the duration is selected, a yellow Go button will show further down. Click on that button to proceed.

5 – After this, the options will vary depending on the country and duration of membership selected. But if you wish to pay online, you can do so with your credit card or your PayPal account by selecting the blue with credit card button




If you still have questions, please contact your national representative. You’ll find their contact details here.





Home exchange guide, Your membership

How to Become a Platinum Member

Reaching the Platinum level at Intervac is, well, let’s be honest, mostly a lot of fun! Our platinum members have made at least 11 exchanges but we have some who are reaching for 100! Exchanges must be registered via our exchange agreement in order to update automatically.

What Do Those Badges Mean?

Very experienced house swappers having made 11 or more house swaps Platinum members have made more than 11 exchanges. Some of them way more than 11 exchanges. We have platinum members with over 100 exchanges behind them. Some have been Intervac members for many, many years.

Experienced house swappers with 6 - 10 exchanges Lucky us to have so many precious Gold members. They have all made between 6 and 10 exchanges. When you talk to them you’ll discover they are enthusiastic home exchangers and have plenty of great stories to tell.

Silver members have made 3 - 5 house swaps Silver members have usually been swapping their homes for a couple of years. They have experience (3 – 5 exchanges). They have made the kinds of friends and memories that happen with home exchange.

Bronze members have made 1 - 2 house swaps The Bronze members have a bit of experience now and know the ropes. With 1 or 2 exchanges they have some stories and probably still have some questions.

Beginning members who looking for their first house swap These members are brand new to home exchange and have never swapped their house before. They are Ready to go! We appreciate their trust in our members and encourage experienced members to help out by making offers to new members.