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Cancellation Insurance

Intervac offers an “all cause” cancellation insurance that covers you even if your exchange partner cancels:

follow this link to learn more here.

Intervac provides a holiday cancellation insurance. It covers any flight, boat, train tickets and any land-based services or excursions purchased from a professional (a sightseeing tour, a museum visit, a car rental…). 

Why such travel insurance ? Because when your exchange partner has to cancel your home exchange, your insurance doesn’t cover the loss of your travel documents. And if you are the one who has to cancel your exchange – and therefore your trip – insurance doesn’t necessarily cover you, either. The cancellation insurance lets you cancel for any proved, sudden and unforeseeable event that occurred beyond your control

This insurance is optional and works for homes based any where in the world, but for covers people – up to 75 years old – only living in European Union + Switzerland + Norway (+Liechtenstein and Monaco) and it is not expensive: from €16.00 / person.

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