Don’t Miss The Flying Scotsman

Photo Credit: Richard Benson The Flying Scotsman - Photo taken at the Doncaster Works Open Day 2003 where this Scotsman was built eighty years prior. The thing about home exchange is that you get to see and do things that you otherwise don’t have time to see or do. Railway fans how about a trip to England?… Continue reading Don’t Miss The Flying Scotsman

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Intervac’s Pioneers

OUR PIONEERS: HAZEL NAYAR In 1967 Hazel and Michael Nayar linked formally with the continental group of Home Exchange Organisers. Hazel and Michael had for some years been running an organization called Home Exchange Service for Teachers (HEST). Hazel introduced giving a name to the International organisation but HEST was not considered to be suitable… Continue reading Intervac’s Pioneers

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Intervac through the years… from 1953 until today

During the early 1950s contact was developing between Teachers Unions in Europe as they began to work together and to cooperate for the improvement of conditions but more especially to improve understanding between people from different cultures and backgrounds. Already in the early part of the 1950s some teachers had realized that they could benefit… Continue reading Intervac through the years… from 1953 until today

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Exchange Agreement Questions

Starting An Agreement What does that mean: Use “n/a” if the field does not apply to your situation.? The abbreviation “n/a” is commonly used in English and it stands for “not applicable” (does not apply) or “no answer”. For the purposes of our exchange agreement, you can also use a “–” or any other abbreviation common in… Continue reading Exchange Agreement Questions

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Destination Wishlist & Reversed Search

The reversed search is a member asking our system to Please show me other members who are specifically interested in visiting my area. Our system is specifically designed to help you and your next exchange partner find each other.   Destination wishlist Use your Destination Wishlist to communicate with our search engine. List all the places you would… Continue reading Destination Wishlist & Reversed Search

Finding an exchange partner, Home exchange guide

My Favourites

My Favorites are a convenient way to save notes and a link back to listings that are attractive to you. The My Favorites section is linked from the top section of the Member home navigation. The Favourites Layout In the screenshot below you can see: The date you put this listing on your favourites page. A checkbox,… Continue reading My Favourites

Finding an exchange partner, Home exchange guide

Hotlist for Last Minute home exchanges

What is the Hotlist? The hotlist is the perfect place to find a last minute house swap anywhere in the world. An entry in the hotlist is only valid for four days so the list is always current and these are all members who are actively searching for a house swap holiday within the next… Continue reading Hotlist for Last Minute home exchanges

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Budget holidays in Switzerland

Our family holidays this year made me feel special, lucky (and smart!). In the end, I felt we had achieved something quite against the odds. We were an average Portuguese family who spent 9 days on vacation in Switzerland. Not usually an option. If there’s one thing you learn quickly as a tourist in Switzerland… Continue reading Budget holidays in Switzerland