Meeting Belgium’s Member Advisory Board

Meeting the Belgian Member Advisory Board

On Saturday I had the very great pleasure of sitting together with Intervac Belgium’s Member Advisory Board for coffee and lunch. They were in Stuttgart on a weekend getaway to exchange ideas in a relaxing setting, do some sightseeing and they didn’t even think of letting strikes at the Deutsche Bahn get in the way.

We agreed to meet at 9:30 in the morning at a bistro nearby. The owners were very kind and agreed to open early just for us and to cook us a wonderful Käsespätzle lunch. We got started very nearly on time even though most of our group had to take the scenic route to a neighboring village and then on to our meeting place by car and foot. They were real troopers!

We chatted a long time about their needs and wishes for our online system, how to make this blog something useful for our members, but also for those of you who don’t know much about home exchanging. They told me stories of welcome gifts from partners and friendships sealed by nice touches and common experience.

I’ll be telling you more about those things in the future so hang tight. Good things are on the way!

Looking for an Amsterdam Weekend Exchange?

Photo credit: Lies Thru a Lens by danrocha ( cc )

If you are, our member Patrice Grellet has a recommendation for you.

Bonjour, J’ai effectué récemment un échange avec Bob Stevens et de la famille NL0342. Tout s’est très bien passé. Leur appartement à Amsterdam est très confortable, paisible (avec un très beau jardin), à une distance raisonnable du centre ville (transports très pratiques). Je le recommande pour un long week-end aux Pays-bas.

And once again, this time in English.

Hello, I recently made ​​an exchange with Bob Stevens and family NL0342. Everything went very well. Their apartment in Amsterdam is very comfortable, quiet (with a beautiful garden) and a reasonable distance from the city center (very convenient transportation). I recommend it for a long weekend in the Netherlands.

BBC Home Swap TV Series

HI GB Members, you may be interested in following this up!

A new BBC television series is looking for sociable people who want to try out a home swap in a great British location.

Do you live in a lovely home or in a terrific location? Would you like to swap your property to have a memorable experience in a fantastic part of Britain? If you’d like to taste superb local cuisine and take part in fabulous activities that go beyond the guide book, then we want to hear from you!

For an application form or just an initial chat please email Kieran McCarthy (the assistant producer) at with your contact details or call us on 07944 794 088

The closing date is 31 Aug, 2014

First Exchange - Two Weeks in Amsterdam

Inscrit en octobre 2013, nous venons d’effectuer nos 2 premiers échanges d’une semaine chacun, mais consécutifs, à Amsterdam. En tant que nouveaux venus, le site Intervac, la fonctionnalité du site ainsi que les quelques échanges par mail avec lntervac France ont parfaitement répondu à nos attentes et questions qui se sont posées au fur et à mesure de la mise en place de ces deux échanges consécutifs. Les 2 échanges se sont extrémement bien déroulé, deux très belles semaines en famille au Pays-Bas. Nous nous questionnions depuis plusieurs années sur la possibilité d’échanges de maison, nous avons franchi le pas en octobre 2013, et maintenant, nous nous demandons pourquoi nous ne l’avons pas fait avant!

An English Translation…

We joined Intervac in October 2013 and we have just made our first two exchanges of one week each. They were consecutive exchanges with familes in Amsterdam. As newcomers to the Intervac website we are fully satisfied with the site’s functionality. We have also exchanged a few emails with Intervac France and received help and answers to our questions. This also fully met our expectations. Our two exchanges went extremely smoothly and we enjoyed two beautiful weeks with families in the Netherlands. We we questioned for several years whether or not to try the possibility of exchangeing our home. We made ​​the leap in October 2013, and now we wonder why we have not done before!

Exchange Agreements - Sending and Reviewing Terms

Step 3 in the exchange agreement process explained.

Today, we’re continuing the in-depth Knowledgebase section about the exchange agreement process.

Today’s addition is a new article on sending and reviewing exchange terms. Click on over and let me know if you have questions or suggestions for improvements.

The final installment: Signing Your Exchange Agreement is already in draft form and I hope to have it out to you all early next week. Thanks for reading and please let me know in the comments any time you have questions.

Filling Out Your Exchange Agreement

Because some members have reported difficulties with the exchange agreement process, I’m doing an in-depth section about it in the Knowledgebase.

It started with a question from a member about how to start an exchange agreement.

Todays post is to announce a new article with all the details about filling out the exchange agreement form. Click on over and let me know if you have questions or suggestions for improvements.

Coming soon: Sending and Reviewing Exchange Agreement Terms.

Home Swapping - Abundance of Choice in France

At Lorient Airport

Dreaming of a holiday in France this year? What would you say to a roomy flat with a swimming pool in the centre of Cannes? How about spending a relaxing couple of weeks in a farmhouse in the rolling countryside in Normandy, waking up to the distant lowing of contented French cattle? Or a 3-bedroom apartment in Paris in the Latin Quarter, with tall ceilings in a grand 19th-century building?

And the best part is that you can have them all at a cost of nothing at all, except for little more than your transportation there and back. Sounds too good to be true?

Read the whole article at

You too can enjoy experiences such as these through a Home Exchange Holiday with the help of Intervac International! Please do contact your local INTERVAC Organiser/Agent if you need any assistance in organising your home exchange holiday.

12 Reasons to Visit Canada This Winter

Wow, we’ve been busy around here lately making improvements to our new system, bringing back functionality that you, our members have told us you miss, and faster than greased lightning, here it is the middle of December. I know it happens this time every year but this year it seems extra surprising. Yes, exactly: Like every year.

A friend of mine sent me this clever Canadian version of the 12 Days of Christmas and I thought, for anyone who needs more reasons to visit Canada this video is for you.

Canadian Homes Available for a Winter 2014 Exchange

By the way, if you are looking for a home exchange in Canada, we’ve got you covered! Here are three to get you started and have a look at our listings page for plenty more.

Homes for Exchange With My Country?

If you are only interested in looking at listings where the owners have specifically listed your country as a desired destination? No problem, when you search, look in the left-hand column underneath the mini-map.

After the exchange dates, the number of bedrooms and the type of surroundings - there where I highlighted in yellow. Click the checkbox “Only show listings interested in {your_country}” As you can see, I was in Germany when I made the screenshot. When this box is checked, our search engine will only look for listings with your country in their destinations wishlist.

Want to try it yourself? Here is a link to our search page. You don’t even have to be logged in for it to work. So, have at it and let me know if you have questions in the comments section. I’ll do my best to answer them!