Exchange Agreements - Sending and Reviewing Terms

Step 3 in the exchange agreement process explained.

Today, we’re continuing the in-depth Knowledgebase section about the exchange agreement process.

Today’s addition is a new article on sending and reviewing exchange terms. Click on over and let me know if you have questions or suggestions for improvements.

The final installment: Signing Your Exchange Agreement is already in draft form and I hope to have it out to you all early next week. Thanks for reading and please let me know in the comments any time you have questions.

Filling Out Your Exchange Agreement

Because some members have reported difficulties with the exchange agreement process, I’m doing an in-depth section about it in the Knowledgebase.

It started with a question from a member about how to start an exchange agreement.

Todays post is to announce a new article with all the details about filling out the exchange agreement form. Click on over and let me know if you have questions or suggestions for improvements.

Coming soon: Sending and Reviewing Exchange Agreement Terms.

Home Swapping - Abundance of Choice in France

At Lorient Airport

Dreaming of a holiday in France this year? What would you say to a roomy flat with a swimming pool in the centre of Cannes? How about spending a relaxing couple of weeks in a farmhouse in the rolling countryside in Normandy, waking up to the distant lowing of contented French cattle? Or a 3-bedroom apartment in Paris in the Latin Quarter, with tall ceilings in a grand 19th-century building?

And the best part is that you can have them all at a cost of nothing at all, except for little more than your transportation there and back. Sounds too good to be true?

Read the whole article at

You too can enjoy experiences such as these through a Home Exchange Holiday with the help of Intervac International! Please do contact your local INTERVAC Organiser/Agent if you need any assistance in organising your home exchange holiday.

12 Reasons to Visit Canada This Winter

Wow, we’ve been busy around here lately making improvements to our new system, bringing back functionality that you, our members have told us you miss, and faster than greased lightning, here it is the middle of December. I know it happens this time every year but this year it seems extra surprising. Yes, exactly: Like every year.

A friend of mine sent me this clever Canadian version of the 12 Days of Christmas and I thought, for anyone who needs more reasons to visit Canada this video is for you.

Canadian Homes Available for a Winter 2014 Exchange

By the way, if you are looking for a home exchange in Canada, we’ve got you covered! Here are three to get you started and have a look at our listings page for plenty more.

Homes for Exchange With My Country?

If you are only interested in looking at listings where the owners have specifically listed your country as a desired destination? No problem, when you search, look in the left-hand column underneath the mini-map.

After the exchange dates, the number of bedrooms and the type of surroundings - there where I highlighted in yellow. Click the checkbox “Only show listings interested in {your_country}” As you can see, I was in Germany when I made the screenshot. When this box is checked, our search engine will only look for listings with your country in their destinations wishlist.

Want to try it yourself? Here is a link to our search page. You don’t even have to be logged in for it to work. So, have at it and let me know if you have questions in the comments section. I’ll do my best to answer them!

How to Filter Search Results

Screenshot - Search filters with listing count and pagination

Filters are easy to use: Every time you click a filter label all listings which do not have that label are removed from the search results and the number of listings found count is updated. Filters are a powerful way to hone in on the perfect exchange partner especially when you are open for any country. If you don’t put any geographical informtion in the minimap (in the left-hand column of the listings search page) using only filters will return listings from around the world.

How To Add or Remove a Filter

  • Just click on the filter to add it. The filter label turns blue and listings which do not have the label on them are removed and the Found Listings number is updated.
  • Click the filter again to remove it. The filter label turns gray and previously removed listings are added back.

Want to know more about search filters? Have a look at our page Using Search Filters or go to our Knowledgebase for an ever-growing collection of help text and tips for using Intervac online to find your perfect house swap partner.

How to Change Your Main Photo

First, what exactly is the “main photo”? This is the photo that you want on your listing when it comes in the search results. It should be a clear and attractive photo of your home or it’s best feature (a swimming pool, the ocean view from your balcony). Your main photo should invite people to click on your listing card.

Ok, so you have a new and even more beautiful photo and you want to make it your main photo? It’s easy to do.

Step By Step

  1. Begin by logging in to your account.

  2. Then you want to go to the edit listing page There are two ways to get there:

    • Click on My Listings in the orange navigation.
    • Scroll down on the member overview page to your listing card and click the Edit Listing button.
  3. Now you want to go to the Photos section. To get there you can:

    • Click the link in the sub-navigaion in the left-hand column.
    • Simply scroll down.

    Screenshot - Changing your main photo

  4. Have you already uploaded the photo you want to make your new main photo? Great!

    • If not click the “Select Images” button and click on the image you want to upload. Got it?
  5. Ok, now, all you have to do is click the “image options” button as shown in the photo above and choose “use as main photo” and you’re done!

Bonus: Now, you know how to delete a photo and also how to hide it so it does not display on your listing.

I Exchanged My Home Three Times a Year for Twenty Years!

Gérard Bousquet's new Guide to Home Exchange - Click to order

That is the title of the new book, written by Gérard Bousquet a French member of Intervac. Published in May 2013 it is available for order with Intervac France at or contact form

In this book, the author tells you, with warmth and humor his numerous exchange experiences and describes in a pleasant prose, the completely fascinating lifestyle of the holiday home exchanges.

With funny, surprising, sometimes audacious but always interesting exchanges, Gérard Bousquet shares a multitude of real-life anecdotes which will arouse the interest of the novices and will amaze the most experienced.

This book is a treasure of practical tips and good advice: it will serve you as much as a guide as a reference with your friends.

To make the right choice and the right decisions, how to proceed successfully and organize your exchange, welcome and meet your guests, your stay by your correspondents, the return in your home… the implications and consequences of the exchange: everything is there.

About the Book

  • Written in French language,
  • 240 pages,
  • published in May 2013 by Editions de l’Aube.
  • Sale price reserved for Intervac members only: € 14,00
  • Public retail price € 15,20)

To order your copy, please contact Intervac France at or follow this link: Commande livre sur les échanges.

How to Become a Platinum Member

I hope you will find this post helpful if you are one of the people who have asked lately:

What Do Those Badges Mean?

Very experienced house swappers having made 11 or more house swaps Platinum members have made more than 11 exchanges. Some of them way more than 11 exchanges. We have platinum members with over 100 exchanges behind them. Some have been Intervac members for many, many years.

Lucky us to have so many precious gold members. They have all made between 6 and 10 exchanges. When you talk to them you’ll discover they are enthusiastic home exchangers and have plenty of great stories to tell.

Silver members have made 3 - 5 house swaps Silver members have usually been swapping thier homes for a couple of years. They have experience (3 - 5 exchanges). They have made the kinds of friends and memories that happen with home exchange.

Bronze members have made 1 - 2 house swaps These members have a bit of experience now and know the ropes. With 1 or 2 exchanges they have some stories and probably still have some questions.

Beginning members looking for their first house swap. These members are brand new to home exchange and have never swapped their house before. We appreciate their trust in our members and encourage experienced members to help out by making offers to new members.

And Our Trial Members

Trial members checking out Intervac And these are our trial members. They are brand new and are just having a look around. The trial member badges count down the number of days left on thier trial membership. These nice people are in the decision making process and are looking for feedback, they are testing the waters and hoping for interest…

If you are already a full member and you see a trial member’s listing that you think would be just the perfect house for your next vacation, be sure to contact them. Your welcoming offer may be exactly what they need to join Intervac and become part of our international community.