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¡El verano es la única época del año en la que tenemos tiempo ininterrumpido para viajar y explorar!

Tener la oportunidad de conocer mundo con nuestra familia o amigos es increíble, y ¿qué mejor momento para hacerlo que ahora?

Los recuerdos que haces y te llevas contigo no tienen precio, y las historias que tendrás una vez que regreses vale la pena contarlo.

¡Empieza a prepararte para el verano!

Intervac Home Exchange


Una forma única de viajar

Amigable con el planeta
Economía compartida
¿Tienes miedo de tus cosas? ¡Pregunta a nuestros socios senior!

Contacta con tu agente nacional


Si estás pensando en inscribir a tu hijo adolescente en un curso de idiomas de verano, ¿por qué no organizar un intercambio con otro adolescente de otro país?

Sería una gran experiencia lingüística para los dos adolescentes.

¡Escribe tu destino aquí!


¿Dónde quieres que sea tu próximo destino?

Una preciosa casa cerca de Barcelona

Una casa con piscina en Francia

Una adorable casa en Bélgica

Una villa en Suecia

Comparte Intervac con tus amigos!

Historias reales

¡Intervac es un proyecto familiar para familias y gente atrevida que quiere descubrir nuevas culturas al máximo!

Descubre la historia de Alfredo y France & Dagmar

Alfredo Magalhães

30 años intercambiando casa con Intervac

France & Dagmar

Haciendo amistades con Intervac

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El hogar es tu mundo, el mundo es tu hogar

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L’été est la seule période de l’année où nous avons du temps interrompu pour voyager et explorer !

Avoir l’opportunité de voir le monde avec nos familles ou nos amis est incroyable, et quel meilleur moment pour le faire que maintenant ?

Les souvenirs que vous créez et ramenez avec vous sont inestimables, et les histoires que vous aurez une fois de retour valent la peine d’être racontées.

Commencez à préparer votre été !

Intervac Home Exchange


Une façon intelligente de voyager

Respectueuse de l’environnement
En économie partagée
Peur pour vos affaires ? Demandez à ceux qui ont une longue expérience des échanges de maisons !

Contactez votre représentation nationale


Et si vous recherchez pour votre adolescent un séjour linguistique en immersion totale, organisez-lui un échange d’hospitalité avec un autre adolescent d’un autre pays : ce sera une grande réussite linguistique et une belle expérience de vie pour les deux adolescents.

Entrez votre destination ici !


Où partez-vous bientôt ?

Jolie maison près de Barcelone

Maison avec piscine en France

Maison située en Belgique

Grande villa en Suède

Partagez vos histoires Intervac avec vos amis !

Histoires vécues

Intervac est un projet familial qui prend vie pour celles et ceux qui osent découvrir de nouvelles cultures au maximum !

Découvrez les histoires de Alfredo et de France & Dagmar

Alfredo Magalhães

30 ans d’échanges avec Intervac

France & Dagmar

Nouer des liens d’amitié avec Intervac

Nous sommes là pour vous aider !

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Home is your world, the world is your home

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Sommer…die ideale Jahreszeit zu Reisen und Erkunden!

Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann….die Gelegenheit mit unseren Familien oder Freunden zu genießen ist unglaublich? Die Erinnerungen, die Sie mitnehmen, sind unbezahlbar und die Geschichten, sind es wert, erzählt zu werden – besten Dank im Voraus für I h r e  Geschichte!

Starten Sie jetzt Ihre Vorbereitungen für den Sommer!

Intervac Home Exchange

Treten Sie jetzt bei

Eine Superidee zu reisen

Sind Sie besorgt um Ihre “Hausschätze”?  Kontakten Sie einfach ein Mitglied, mit vielen Tauscherfahrungen !

Kontakten Sie Ihren nationaen Organisator

Sprachaustausch im Sommer

Denken Sie über einen Sommersprachkurs für Ihre Teenies nach? Warum nicht einen Austausch mit einem anderen Teenager aus einem anderen Land?

Es wäre ein großer sprachlicher Erfolg und ein einzigartiges Erlebnis für die beiden Teenies!

Geben Sie hier ihr Ziel ein!

Auswahl hier

                   Wo soll es hingehen….Ihr nächstes Reiseziel?

Schönes Haus – Nähe Barcelona

Haus mit Pool –  in Frankreich

Haus in Belgien

Große Villa in Schweden

Teilen Sie Intervac mit Ihren Freunden !

Lesen Sie hier Geschichten von…..

INTERVAC ist ein Projekt für Familien und wagemutige Menschen, die neue Kulturen entdecken wollen….und dies auf eine ganz spezielle Art und Weise!

Lesen Sie hier die  Geschichten von Alfredo und France & Dagmar

Alfredo Magalhães

30 Jahre Haustausch-Erfahrung mit INTERVAC

France & Dagmar

Freundschaften mit INTERVAC

Wir sind immer für Sie da!

schreiben Sie uns ein e-mail:

Zuhause ist Deine Welt, die Welt ist Dein Zuhause

Tauschen Sie Ihr Zuhause mit INTERVAC

Home exchange stories

France & Dagmar

A friendship story

Once upon a time there were two ladies. They were both INTERVAC members. One, her name is France, lived in Kehl, the other, Dagmar, in Berlin.  One day France asked Dagmar if she was interested in
an exchange.  

Since Dagmar and her partner love travelling she agreed right away. At the same  time she found out that France had two daughters. The youngest, Claire, wanted to move to Berlin. She had just finished her
studies. She was looking for a job as medical doctor and needed a place to live. Now it happened that a friend of a friend of Dagmar had an apartment that was available. And sure enough Claire got the apartment. Not only was it newly renovated and affordable but also in a beautiful neighborhood in the center of the city. How fortunate she was and how happy!

Meanwhile France and Dagmar became good friends…and this is not the end of the story!

Home exchange stories

30 years of home exchange with Intervac

Alfredo Magalhães

Florence, 2007

It was already in the early 1990’s that I learned, through a magazine, that a group of French
and Dutch teachers (it seems that they were actually Swiss) had created an organization to
allow the exchange of houses. I, who was already passionate with travels, found the idea
extraordinary, once, besides allowing to save on stays and meals, gave us above all the
opportunity to know the country, the city or the region like a local inhabitant. So I joined
quickly. At the time, new entries were published in booklets and we received them with
updates twice a year. The booklet contained an identifying photo and a short description. The
real proposals arrived by regular mail, inside an envelope, with detailed and appealing
descriptions and more photos of the house and region. Sometimes the interested partner
called to shorten the process.

Rome, 2009

I made my first exchange in 1991 with a family from Saint-Ismier, a French village just outside
Grenoble for Geneve, Switzerland. From the balcony, where we sometimes ate, we could see
the snowy peaks of Mont Blanc on the horizon. I went with my wife and a couple of friends,
whom we travelled on other trips, and we visited several interesting cities in ancient Savoy,
Geneve and of course the Alps, especially Mont Blanc. My daughter was two years old and we
thought it was too early to travel with us, at the time a car trip. She stayed with grandparents
and almost every day we called her and sometimes she couldn’t stop sobbing and cried with
longing. I promised myself that she would go on the next trips. So it was, when two years later
we made another exchange to the south of England, in Rye, near Hastings. With this family we
established a special friendship and we visited them when two years later we made another
exchange to the city of London and several years later, on a visit to Portugal, they called me,
we met and they slept one night in my house. On the trip to London we also take my son, who
was 3 or 4 years old at the time. When I got divorced years later, my children became my
favourite companions on the trips I made through Intervac exchanges, but sometimes friends
or family travelled with me too. Of course I looked for specific attractions for them, such as
Disneyland, PortAventura and others, but I also tried to teach them the local culture and what
motivated me to travel. That’s why they fell in love with Florence or Rome like I did. It was a
suffocating heat in Rome in August when we went for the first time, but there are sources of
fresh water everywhere. But my children, still kids in 2001, preferred ice cream, so we became
customers of an ice cream shop on the corner of Piazza Navona. That’s why every day, on our
daily trips, we had to go through Piazza Navona. When the employees saw us arriving, they
said: “arrivanno i portoghesi!” Five years later, on an exchange to Florence, we went to Rome
and at the ice cream shop they still remembered us.

Rome, 2001 “arrivanno i portoghesi!”

I usually say that I’m not a tourist, I’m a traveller. That’s why Intervac met my preferences,
because I like to choose the attractions I want to see, how long and how often I want to see
them. This makes me to prepare the trip very well and while I am preparing it, I am already
enjoying it, even before it begins. And in order to get to know a city or region we need to know
a little about its history, its culture, habits and a little bit of its language. So besides the
languages ​​I speak, I always learn the basic sentences of the language of the country to where I
travel. Gastronomy is part of the culture. We can also try local products at our Intervac
partner’s house, but a typical restaurant is always advisable. In Iceland, Lára (read Laura) left
us a decent amount of fish, especially fresh cod, all very tasty. We tried other local specialties
at restaurants, but I just didn’t have the courage to try the most famous one – Hákarl. They are
cubes of shark meat that are buried for 2 to 4 months to “ferment” (understand: rot) and those cubes have a very strong smell and taste. In a restaurant near the port of Reykjavik, the
delicacy was advertised and added: “eat first and ask later”. But I already knew and I didn’t
need to ask.

Paris, 2002

My Intervac partners always leave tourist information, more or less detailed, and a list with
practical information about the house and the area. I also leave detailed information, but I
have always enjoyed meeting them whenever possible. That’s why, even in the simultaneous
exchanges, I try to delay our journey in order to receive the Intervac partners, show them the
house and the area and often take a short tour of the most important spots of Porto (the city
and the surroundings where I live) and we ended up having lunch. This gives them important
help and establishes bonds of friendship and trust. We have already found partners that when
they receive us, also did the same. Once in a while I even took a full day trip to show them the
wonders of the Douro landscape and the best places to admire it. After a new affective
relationship, in which we both live in our own house, it’s easy to delay the date of our
departure. But before, I tried to sleep at a relative’s house and I even went to sleep in a hotel
twice. I strongly advise you to do this, because it strengthens the bonds of friendship and trust
with those with whom we are exchanging.

Vienna, 2006

I don’t have pets and I rarely find exchange partners with animals. But the ones we found with animals (usually cats) were very independent and lived outside the house. I remember an exchange we made to a mI don’t have pets and I rarely find exchange partners with animals. But the ones we found with
animals (usually cats) were very independent and lived outside the house. I remember an
exchange we made to a mountain village of Brengenz (near Lake Constance). They had a cat
that lived outside the house, but every morning he came to show what he had hunted – a
mouse or a sparrow.
I am pleased with Intervac. I even joined two other services of the same kind. In one of them I
still made two or three exchanges, but I just gave up, because it’s at Intervac I find almost
everything I want.

Lake Blend, 2015
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Wir haben während dieser Pandemie-Situation nicht aufgehört zu reisen, dank der großen INTERVAC-Familie, die uns trotzalledem ermöglicht hat, “die Welt zu atmen”!

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Profitez-en au maximum

Intervac Home Exchange

Intervac est comme une grande famille grâce à laquelle nous pouvons “respirer le monde” sans jamais cesser de voyager, même pendant la pandémie !

Merci de partager le monde d’Intervac avec nous ! 

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De charmantes maisons vous attendent pour votre escapade hivernale ! 

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Agréable appartement au calme donnant sur le canal de Amsterdam.


Un cottage de quatre chambres au bord d’un lac en Finlande

…ou entrez vos dates directement et trouvez ce qui vous convient le mieux !

Il y a +1000 annonces classées par ordre de la dernière mise à jour !

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Home is your world, the world is your home

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Disfruta lo mejor de ella

Intervac Home Exchange

No hemos parado de viajar durante la pandemia gracias a que la gran familia de Intervac nos ha permitido ‘respirar el mundo!

¡Gracias por compartir el mundo Intervac con nosotros!

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Selección de Navidad

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Bonito y tranquilo apartamento con vistas

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Una casa de cuatro habitaciones entre viñedos en Finland

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barra de búsqueda y descubre lo que mejor se adapta a usted!

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Liity Intervaciin Jouluksi

Jouluna juhlitaan, nautitaan ja rentoudutaan

perheen ja ystävien kanssa.

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Intervac Home Exchange

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Emme ole koskaan lopettaneet matkustamista, sillä omassa maassamme ja muuallakin on paljon mukavia ja turvallisia kohteita odottamassa!

Intervac on turvallinen ja joustava tapa matkustaa, koska jaat talon vain oman perheesi kanssa

Liity uudelleen Intervac Home Exchangeen, on aika aloittaa taas!


Vielä on runsaasti aikaa järjestää joulumatkasi!

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Mukava ja hiljainen huoneisto Amsterdamin keskustassa, kanaalin varrella


Talo neljällä makuuhuoneella Suomessa, järven rannalla

Mitä uutta?

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La Navidad es un momento para celebrar con familiares y amigos.

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Intervac Home Exchange

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¡Nunca dejemos de viajar ya que hay muchos destinos agradables y seguros

esperando en nuestro propio país y alrededor!

Intervac es una forma segura y flexible de viajar

porque solo compartes tu casa con familias de confianza.

Vuelve a Intervac Home Exchange, ¡es hora de volver a empezar!

Selección de Navidad

¡Aún queda tiempo para organizar tu escapada navideña!

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Bonito y tranquilo apartamento con vistas

al canal en el centro de Amsterdam.


Una casa de cuatro habitaciones entre viñedos en Finland

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